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Happy New Year

Welcome 2020!


I pray that you will find love and happiness during this wonderful New Year.  

It’s a new opportunity to work together to make our communities better and understand that we are one human race. Let’s focus on building stronger relationships with family and friends.

I pray for world peace and that you will find prosperity in all your endeavors. This new decade is the starting point of something very special.

Let’s do our part to help the less fortunate who work hard every day to provide for their families.

I also pray that our leaders focus on ways to reduce the high cost of healthcare and that scientist find cures to end illnesses that rob us of the people we love. 

Curing cancer, diabetes and heart disease should be the highest priority. 

We must also find a way to make education more affordable. 

The next generation of doctors, scientist, lawyers, engineers and teachers are depending on us to open the doors to access higher education.

I pray that together we will address gun violence. No child should die at school and we should not have to worry about someone interfering with our worship services.

I truly hope you will join me in working to improve our communities.

Let’s work together to get people registered to vote. Every election is important!

Let’s do our part and let’s grow together!

Brandon Pendarvis Brown