The time to win is now!


 "As I've traveled across the America listening to people, I've seen unprecedented enthusiasm for a new generation of Leadership," I believe, we must turn that energy into action." 

The Upstate HBCU Football Classic Returns


 The Upstate of South Carolina is one of the fastest growing regions in the United States, The demand for highly trained and qualified Scientist, Engineers, Mathematicians and people creating innovation in Technology are critical to the continued growth in the Upstate.In order to address the growing needs in the area of STEM, we must inspire students from all walks of life to engage and educate themselves on all opportunities through programs promoting STEM. As the work force needs change, the Upstate HBCU Classic Committee is committed to addressing those needs in the community and promoting Historically Black Colleges and Universities and their education offerings. We desire to create a pipeline of talented students who will pursue opportunities at HBCU's that will prepare them to become the next Scientist, teachers, engineers, medical professionals, community leaders and professional athletes, 

Who will be the President?


  The next presidential election has started. I believe South Carolina will help elect the next President of the United States.  We need to stay focus on putting SC first.  Who do you like. Share your thoughts: email me 

Sustaining HBCU's

It is projected that there will be a shortfall of Engineers and Scientist by 2025. In order to address this issue we must inspire the next generation of students to go into the STEM area. We are currently working to build pipelines to HBCU's that have STEM oriented programs that will help graduates enter into high paying jobs. It is very important that we connect the Upstate Industries with talented graduates that can help industries reach their bottom line..