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Brandon Brown
for Congress

Your Democratic Candidate Campaigning today for a better tomorrow in South Carolina's Fourth Congressional District

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Putting the Fourth First

Inland Port key to our area

First on Trade

 Candidate Brandon Brown tours Inland Port in Greer. 

First on Healthcare

 Health care is very important for our children. We should be working  together to protect healthy living. Congress needs to do what's right  for Americans. We have to fight for health care. 

Putting Education in South Carolina First

First on Education

Putting Education in South Carolina First

Friends - I'm ready to lead and now I need your help. 

Upstate South Carolina deserves real leadership and unfortunately the divisive politics of Washington has done nothing to address the issues most pertinent to  our voters. Chip in a donation right now to help me build the people-centered campaign needed to send a strong message that we are ready for change.