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Joseph R. Biden

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Senator Booker will Campaign in SC

 "As I've traveled across the country campaigning, I've seen  unprecedented enthusiasm for a new generation of Democratic candidates,"  Booker said in a statement to the AP. "Now, we must turn that energy  into action." 

Generate excitement

Let's show Former Vice President Joe Biden that South Carolina is ready to Win!  We must register people to vote by Oct 17th 2018. Go to to sign friends and family members up to vote. 

Close the deal

MoveOn  is asking local SC Voters to record videos of support that they can  share in order to encourage other SC Voters  to get out and vote in  November 2018. Please consider clicking on the link below and making a video of support for Brandon Brown for Congress

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Who will speak for the 4th Congressional District

Online Voter Registration

How do I get signed up to vote? 

Putting the Fourth First

BMW is Under Attack

I will fight to protect jobs in the 4th! 

Mr. President tariffs hurt BMW. You are wrong on this issue. We have to have pro business policies in the Upstate

First on Healthcare

 Health care is very important for our children. We should be working  together to protect healthy living. Congress needs to do what's right  for Americans. We have to fight people that want to give our  health care system to private companies. 

Putting Education in South Carolina First

First on Education

Putting Education in South Carolina First should be all of our goals. Let's pay teachers, put resources in place to make school safer and make higher education affordable.  

Friends - I'm ready to lead and now I need your help. 

Upstate South Carolina deserves real leadership and unfortunately the divisive politics of Washington has done nothing to address the issues most pertinent to  our voters. Chip in a donation right now to help me build the people-centered campaign needed to send a strong message that we are ready for change. 

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